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About the Industry

Writing Instruments have been an essential part of everyday life for generations and this is not likely to change in the foreseeable future. Pens have essentially become an extension of the human body often reached for and used unconsciously. While, we see that computers and other technological innovation have made their inroads especially for data transfer and communication, writing instruments are still ubiquitous commodities that are very much a part of everyday life.

The value of pens is decreasing but we are seeing an increase in the need for pens not just in terms of money but also in terms of value. The demand for pens is in direct proportion to the population and literacy levels. Demand for writing instruments continues to grow even in countries that have high computer and technology penetration. The markets in US have seen a growth of 3% last year despite having the highest per capita consumption of computers.

The future outlook of the writing product industry is very promising. India is slowly developing as a manufacturing hub for the world, with its technologies comparable to world standards and cost of manufacturing being competitive. This can be easily gauged from the fact that India is now exporting inks to Japan and Germany and is the second largest tip manufacturer in the world.

The pen business normally grows in tandem with the GDP and the literacy rate. Over the last few years a new dimension has been added to this growth viz. the outlay for education in the five year plan. The current economic slowdown has had only marginal effect on the growth of the industry. The problems due to slowdown have been largely due to liquidity issues in the trade channel rather than lack of demand. The markets in the Middle East that we have been focusing on have good growth prospects for supply of pens.